Check for Current Versions of a Webpage - Setting in Internet Explorer
During the design process, sometimes graphics can be stored on your computer in "cache". This setting in Internet Explorer forces the browser to check for newer versions of pages upon every visit - ensuring that what you are seeing is true and live.
IE - Check for Current Versions Setting
  • Open up Internet Explorer and go to a website
  • On the menu bar - click on "Tools"
  • Select the option marked "Internet Options" at the bottom of the menu
  • The first screen you see is under the "General" tab
  • Look for the section marked "Browsing History" and click on "Settings"
  • Under "Temporary Internet Files" find the section "Check for Newer Versions of Stored Pages"
  • Mske sure the option "Every Time I Visit The Webpage" is checked
  • Save the setting by clicking on "OK"
  • Exit the remaining screens by clicking on "OK"