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WASHINGTON D.C. -- May 23, 2003 -- Cyberonyx announced today the completion of a year long print and web project for the Alliance for Health Reform (, a nonprofit group, which provides media with up to date nonpartisan information on health coverage issues.

The 205 page sourcebook consists of both a web-based and print version, and also was made available in both English and Spanish. "We're getting many compliments from reporters about the guides you designed on covering health issues -- all four of them, English and Spanish print and English and Spanish online. They're all easy to read and easy to navigate. Considering the thousands of decisions involved in a project such as this, it was reassuring to have your valuable suggestions at every step," said Bill Erwin, Director of Communications.

The Alliance's sourcebook for journalists is now available online both in English and en español.  Topics are the uninsured, children's coverage, employer-sponsored coverage, individual coverage, Medicaid, Medicare, prescription drugs, health care costs, long-term care, chronic care, managed care, minority health, mental health coverage, bioterrorism and covering health issues for TV and radio. Each chapter includes key facts, experts, web sites, story ideas, background, trends, and a discussion of current policy debates and proposals.

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