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ATLANTA, GA -- September 27, 2003 -- With the ever increasing influx of electronic documents, Cyberonyx International has developed a web-based document management application designed specifically for corporations with project management needs. Test driven and originally developed for JP Rushing Consulting, the document management center or "Document Dashboard" allows corporations and businesses to track documents, assign users and workgroups, and manage check-in/check out capabilites for their clients and contractors while utilizing the power of the internet.

"Document management has always been a tremendous challenge for our company on each and every engagement we have undertaken in the past, " states John Rushing. "The nature of the work we do is such that it produces countless documents containing all manner of information pertaining to the project, quite often these documents are part of deliverables which must be presented to the client during the course of the engagement. Since most of these documents must be produced and reviewed by numerous project team members, we always had multiple copies of the same document floating around with no real way to tell which was the most up-to-date and accurate."

"With the development and implementation of the document center, Cyberonyx has met all of our document management needs in one fell swoop and done so with the same professionalism and dedication we have come to expect from their organization over the years. In addition to acting as a document management system by providing online storage and retrieval of project documents with "check-in / check-out" capabilities, the document center also serves as a "system of record" for all of our organizations documents by providing archival of those documents relating to past projects or company matters."

Cyberonyx will soon release the document dashboard in a stand alone version or as part of a monthly package to businesses through Please stay tuned for updates on the product's release.

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