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If you are looking for quality webside design in the Washington DC area, look no further. Cyberonyx provides professional website design, web application and IT services to the Washington DC area and Virginia (VA). Our experienced design & programming teams will build a website custom to your needs. We specialize in developing websites that looks a million bucks, but cost much less. Today's websites ARE your business's calling card - and through professional web design, web-based applications and search engine optimization - we can provide your company the edge you need.

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DALLAS, TEXAS -- May 10, 2009 -- Cyberonyx, a leading website design and applications company, today completed a major upgrade to Current Business Technologies service call dispatch system. Cyberonyx completed initial development of the system in 2003 and continues to provide support and custom updates and upgrades as required.

"The system really runs itself - it is a great help to both our guys in the field and our management team in dispatching, tracking and reporting on calls." says Tim Cislo of Current Business Technologies.

Designed to allow technicians to readily receive calls, track their status, order the required parts and close the call upon successful resolution - all remotely - was key tot he development. Cyberonyx recently added a custom reporting system that, among other things, helps management track which equipment requires more servicing - allowing them to make better decisions when recommending various products.

Cyberonyx International, Inc. develops custom web-based solutions for various industries throughout the US. If you would like to learn more about our company, please visit our website at for more information.

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