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External services and tools aren't always the best fit

Why spend countless hours working on your website when you can make your website work for you?

Organizations always struggle to keep up with the latest technology. Hardware and software doesn't come cheap. Many companies use software that is two or three generations behind state-of-the-art systems and are virtually impossible to update or modify and deliver. Some get trapped into the big-name online solutions that seem an easy fix, but end up messy and aren't quite what their business really needed or wanted. An answer to this problem is the availability and use of custom web-based applications. Instead of using software installed on a specific user's computer, your company utilizes free, openly available, web browsers to access specialized programs through the internet.

Key Features of Web-Based Applications:

  • Centrally located applications, database and documents
  • Extremely easy to maintain and upgrade
  • Custom built to fit your business needs
  • Deployment issues are eliminated
  • Information is updated and accessed in real time
  • System and applications may be accessed remotely
  • Open-Architecture programming
  • Faster time-to-market development
  • Faster and cheaper modifications, bug fixes, and additions
What is a Web Application?

Simply put, web applications are based on user interaction to capture, manipulate and save data. Based on the foundations of web-server technology and working within a website, users can interact with your application from anywhere in the world at any time. All data and input entered by the user is stored to a database or document that is then made available by the system to global users in real time. Shopping carts, registration systems, dispatch systems are just a few of the multitude of solutions that can developed.

Think about your most time-consuming tasks and how nice it would be to automate them. We can build the perfect solution for your business, saving you both valuable time and money.


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